Richie Furay

Richie Furay

(1968 - 1974, 1989 - 1990)
Guitar, Vocals

In 1966, Richie moved to L.A. to meet up with his close friend Stephen Stills. The two young musicians soon connected with Neil Young, Bruce Palmer, and Dewey Martin. The five would join together to form Buffalo Springfield. The group produced three great albums before disbanding. While recording the last album with new member Jim Messina (of Loggins and Messina), Richie and Jim discovered they shared the same unique musical direction. Poco was born. 

Poco was an innovative direction in music. The band cut some of the first- and best- country rock music of the sixties and seventies. Members of Poco consisted of Jim Messina, Randy Meisner (of The Eagles), Rusty Young, George Grantham, Paul Cotton, and Timothy B. Schmit (of The Eagles as well). In 1974, Richie joined Chris Hillman (of the Byrds) and J.D. Souther to form The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band. After two albums with SHF, Richie pursued his own solo career. 

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